Sun Safety Hats are crucial in Australian Schools

With the new school year quickly approaching, it important to ensure that students have a high quality sun safety hat on their heads when they go out in the sun.  Vivid Promotion’s currently offers a variety of decorated sun safety hats in a legionnaire style cap, wide brim hat or a safari style hat.  Keep the sun of children’s necks and face with the custom branded Poly Cotton Legionnaire Cap with its full neck coverage and large print area on the front of the cap.   For the older kids capable of applying their own sunscreen, the decorated Poly Cotton Slouch Hat Canvas Hat with its wide prim is available in 4 sizes and perfect for larger school or corporate logos.  Don’t forget the teachers and supervisors as leading by example is the best way to encourage the students.  Dec your teachers out in the printed Safari Cotton Twill Hat with quick drying fabric.  Don’t forget that the Australian sun is damaging to our future leaders and the first way to protect them is with a Vivid Promotion’s Sun Safety Hat.