5 Business Promotion Ideas for Your Outdoor Event

In today’s highly competitive world, businesses need to do more than creating quality products and services. While great products will usually sell themselves, you need to be more aggressive with your business promotion ideas if you want to get a bigger slice of the pie than your competitors.

One of the best ways to boost brand awareness in one go is through event marketing. Event marketing, whether big or small, offers a unique experience for potential consumers to interact and get to know your brand. When done really well, promotional outdoor events can leave a lasting impression that will consequently result in long lasting rewards.

Provided that you did your homework and you have a meticulous plan for your outdoor event and you’ve established what you want to achieve, here are business promotion ideas you should try:

Create a Prominent Event Logo and Message

No matter if you’re planning a sporting event, product launch or advertising a cause, one of the main goals of an outdoor event is to boost brand awareness. You can effectively do that if you have a prominent event logo and message that everyone can easily identify. It’s not enough to have a kickass poster of your logo printed out. You also have to brainstorm a catchy tagline for better recall.

Make it More Fun with Outdoor Games

With an outdoor setting for your promotional event, it isn’t easy to contain everyone’s attention. To break the ice and get everyone to focus on your message, games are a fun way to do just that. It doesn’t have to be a complex game. A simple “Bring Me” game or an exciting group activity should do the trick.

When thinking of the perfect game for your outdoor event, the ultimate goal is to ensure potential customers have the best time. When they’re having fun, it’s easier for them to remember and even love your brand.

Don’t Forget About the Food

Depending on the type of outdoor event you’re planning, consider adding food to the mix. You can set up talfood-outdoor-eventsl tables, for example, and serve potential customers with finger foods. Customers can interact with each other over food while also learning more about your brand. With event logos, posters and other promotional items, you activate your target market’s visual sense. With good food, you activate their taste buds. The more senses you activate, the better brand recall it will be.

Offer Promotional Giveaways

Business Promotion IdeasIt’s not enough that potential customers have fun at your outdoor events. If you want to make the most of your advertising event, give them something they can take home. For outdoor events especially during the summer season, you can’t go wrong with promotional caps and embroidered hats. Personalised caps and hats are wearable, widely visible and cost-effective making them the perfect giveaways for long lasting rewards.

Vivid Promotions carry a wide array of promotional headwear available for different printing decorations to beautifully show off your brand for more people to see. Here are some of our popular imprinted caps to suit your marketing business ideas.

Promotional Eco-Friendly Caps

hemp-capEco-friendly caps are made from recyclable materials, which make them perfect for outdoor campaigns that promote the environment.


Personalised Mesh Caps

To offer sun protection without sacrificing comfort, personalised mesh caps are best for your summer season outdoor events.

Promotional Bucket Hats

custom-printed-double-pique-mesh-bucket-hatPromotional bucket hats are also great for offer sun protection. They’re great for sporting events, beach outings and other outdoor advertising you have in mind.

Embroidered Beanies

Even during the colder months, you can still promote your brand with embroidered hats. Promotional beanies, for example, are great for the winter season.

Branded Golf Caps

promotional-golf-capsIf your brand is hosting a golf event to promote a good cause, there’s no better way to show off your message than with promotional golf caps.



Don’t Forget to Follow Up

Your outdoor event was a huge success and all four business promotional ideas worked like a charm. Does that mean your advertising job is over? Of course not! If you want to convert your connections into profits, you need to follow up. Get connected with potential customers through email or social media and sell them your  brand some more.

4 Imprinting Options for Promotional Caps and Hats

There are a variety of promotional products you can use to build brand awareness. From cheap promotional items such as cheap custom pens to small business marketing gifts like personalised key rings, you have more options than you know what to do with. printing-method-embroidered-promotonal-caps

If you’re looking for something that’s been tried and tested to produce longer lasting promotional rewards, printed clothing apparel is always an excellent choice. Decorated promotional caps, in particular, are ideal for a wide array of advertising campaigns. But with different types of promotional caps available including cheap baseball caps, branded flat peak caps, embroidered bucket hats, promotional beanies and eco-friendly hats, choosing which type to use for your advertising is already hard enough.

What makes things even harder is how to decorate your promotional item. Should you opt for screen printed caps or embroidered hats? How about getting your logo debossed on baseball caps instead? To help you understand your options better, here are 5 different printing methods available for promotional caps:

Embroidery for Promotional Caps

Custom embroidered baseball hats and embroidered trucker hats are really popular for small and big businesses alike. Embroidery decoration is a favorite because it looks good on fabric. promotional-caps

Take this Wickham Cap for example. Made from heavy brushed cotton fabric featuring a structured 6-panel look with tricolour design, this promotional cap will look particularly stylish with your logo delicately embroidered on the crown.

Embroidery involves the use of thread stitched into the fabric. This is done with the use of embroidery machines especially for bulk orders of promotional caps. Once completed, embroidery designs should be able to withstand the test of time even several washings.

Digital Printing

Depending on the cap fabric, your advertising budget and preference, there are other excellent printing techniques available for personalised caps and hats. Digital printing, for one, is a new cutting-edge technology that directly imprints your logo or image on a clothing apparel. What’s great with a digitally imprinted logo design is its extra durability, softer feel and finer look.

promotional baseball capsIf your customised decoration includes full colour images, for example, digital printing is just the technique to go for. What you’ll get is high quality, photographic images that should show off your logo and message beautifully.

Available for a full colour direct digital print, Vivid Promotions offers this 6 Panel 2 Striped HBC Cap. Your full colour image can be displayed right on the center of the promotional cap for maximum visibility.

Laser Engraving

Laser engraving for decoration option is generally recommended for promotional pens, award items, personalised drinkware and other metal promo products. But it’s also available for promotional headwear. If your goal is to present a polished and classy appeal of your brand, laser engraving will do just that. This imprinting method will have your design elegantly etched on the cap’s surface for a look that’s sure to impress. bobby-akubra-hat

One type of promotional caps available for laser engraving is this Bobby Akubra Hat from Vivid Promotions. This Western-style hat offers UPF 50+ sun protection and a branding area, which can be exquisitely laser engraved with your design to complement and enhance the “Australian image” that’s already on this stylish promotional hat.

Transfer Print

If your design features multiple colours, transfer printing may just be the ideal printing technique for your promotional merchandise. Transfer printing basically involves putting your design on a transfer material, which is then pressed onto the promotional cap. Instead of embroidery or full colour digital print, transfer printing is often recommended for higher quantity orders of promo headwear items.

promotional bucket hatsIf you want to show off your multicoloured design on a promotional bucket hat, you should check out this Bucket Hat with Woven Head Band. Available in classic white colour and a variety of sizes, this personalised bucket hat is available for a crown plastisol transfer print on the back, front, left hand side or right hand side of the cap.

Boost Brand Awareness with Embroidered Hats and Caps

embroidered hatsOne of the most dependable promotional products when boosting brand awareness are embroidered hats and caps. These promotional items are wearable and widely visible practically setting up your brand for advertising success.

Whether for sporting events, team building, outdoor promotions and a wide range of advertising campaigns, custom embroidered hats are always ready to show off your brand.

Here are some of the best bucket hats, promotional beanies and branded baseball caps perfect for your next promotion.

Cheap Embroidered Hats and Caps

custom-embroidered-hats-and-capsWant to reach a wider demographic without breaking your marketing budget? You’ll easily reach your promotional goals with cheap custom baseball caps. When beautifully and boldly embroidered with your logo, custom baseball caps are sure to draw more attention to your business. Stylish and sporty, this promotional Cap with Curved Embroidery on Crown and Peak is a great value investment. Available in an array of trendy colour options, the embroidered baseball cap will ensure maximum brand exposure any day.

Customized Beanies

promotional-custom-beaniesPerfect for the cold winter months, customized beanies are a great giveaway to quickly warm up with your target market. Wholesale beanies are available at Vivid Promotions. You can even design your beanie with a fantastic 3D embroidery or just a colourful full colour digital print for maximum brand exposure. If you’re ready to customize your own beanie giveaway for your next event, check out this Beanie with Reflective Trims Rollback Design.

Promotional Embroidered Bucket Hats

embroidered-bucket-hatsWhile embroidered bucket hats may not be as popular as customised baseball hats, they are just as equally visible and cost-effective for sporting and outdoor events. Vivid Promotions carry an exciting selection of custom bucket hats for men including this Breathable Poly Twill Bucket Hat, cheap bucket hats for women and even bucket hats for infants. You can create your own bucket hat featuring a lovely embroidery or a bold print of your logo that’s sure to get attention day in and day out.

Branded Caps with Lights

navigator-led-light-capPersonalised hats for promotional events always work. There’s no question about that. But if you wanted to give your advertising some extra edge, you’ll like our Custom Caps with Light. This Navigator LED Light Cap will promote your message all day long event at night. Complete with 5 ultra-bright LED bulbs, this stylishly embroidered baseball cap doubles as a wearable flashlight for nighttime emergencies.

Promotional Flat Peak Caps

flat-peak-snap-aback-adults-capAdvertise your brand in style with promotional flat peak caps. Great for a variety of sporting and outdoor events, wearable snapbacks caps like this custom embellished Flat Peak Snap Back – Adults Cap is just what you need to win over your fashionable customers. Featuring a structured 6 panel design with flat peak and mesh back, this stylish promotional headwear is especially perfect for motor sports, school and dance events.


Ready to order bulk baseball caps and embroidered hats you can readily personalise with your logo design? Head over to our website at Vivid Promotions and check out our massive selection of custom made caps and hats.