How to Ask for a Product Sample And What to Know

At Vivid Promotions, we pride ourselves in ensuring that our clients avail the perfect promotional product to suit your advertising needs, budget, image and time frame.

To help you make the right decision on your promotional giveaways, we provide samples upon request. But considering expenses incurred with this process, we have important policies you need to take into consideration when requesting for product samples.

For New Clients

If you’re a new client of Vivid Promotions, here’s what you need to know when requesting for product samples:

1. To ensure that you’re making the best product choices for your advertising, we recommend speaking with one of our sales consultants to help narrow down your options.

2. You can also request for product quotations for an accurate estimate of rates and pricing including freight.

3. To avail the best prices, we highly recommend clients to shop around and compare competitor quotes.

4. If you’re happy with our quotation and would like to proceed with an order, we are more than happy to provide you with product samples so you can inspect product quality, appearance, and decoration before you finalise your purchase.

5. Vivid Promotions can supply a maximum quantity of one (1) product sample provided the total value is less than $5.00 plus GST.

6. For samples more than $5.00 plus GST but less than $50.00 plus GST (based on the lowest quantity unit price break), we require full pre-payment prior to dispatch. After you’ve thoroughly inspected the samples and you’ve placed your orders, we will refund or credit your account for the full invoice amount.

7. Samples with an accumulated value of over $50.00 plus GST are non-returnable for credit unless you place an order with Vivid Promotions. Note that credit only applies to product samples that match the products ordered. Any other samples that do not corroborate with your product orders are not available for credit or refund.

8. For a specific product sample over $30.00 plus GST (based on the lowest quantity price) that’s not in stock at our warehouse or in our showroom, and needs to be ordered in as a special request, said product is non-returnable / non-refundable if an order for that item is not placed with Vivid Promotions. If an order is placed for this item and the sample is returned in good order, we’ll gladly deduct the cost from your order.

For Existing Clients

Here’s everything you need to know if you want to request for product samples:

1. If you are an existing Vivid Promotions client with an annual spending of over $5,000, you can request for any product sample or a range of accumulated samples free of charges provided that the total does not exceed $50.00 plus GST.  However, we do kindly ask that you return these samples within a 21-day period. Failure to return samples within the required time frame will result in an automatic invoice charged to your account.

3. Sample orders with an accumulated value over $50.00 plus GST are only returnable for credit if you place an order with Vivid Promotions. Credit is only applicable to item samples that match with your orders. Samples that do match your orders are non-returnable for credit.

Policy Changes

Vivid Promotions reserves the right to review and change this request for sample policy at any time without prior notice.


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