Sporting Event Checklist for Surefire Success

Hosting a sporting event?

sporting event checklistWhether you’re organising one to raise funds, boost brand awareness, recruit members or ensure customer loyalty, careful and detailed planning is imperative for surefire success. There are plenty of things that could go wrong during a promotional event. So, it’s always best to prepare for any potential or foreseeable mishaps, just in case, than wait on the day of the event to do something.

To help with your event planning, we have here a sporting event checklist divided into three phases to get you started.

Pre-Sporting Event Checklist

In general, these are the important things to think about prior to your sporting event.

> Prepare a budget
> Pick a location or venue for the event
> Plant the event agenda or program
> Seek for sponsorships
> Develop a marketing or promotional plan
> Define your event participant or audience
> Secure local government requirements
> Prepare permits and licenses
> Hire contracts for the event set-up
> Create a risk management plan
> Create a security plan
> Design a plan for site preparation
> Develop a waste management plan
> Design a traffic management plan
> Organize your group of volunteers and staff

On the Day of the Event

If you’ve created a comprehensive strategy for each of the pre-sporting event checklist above, everything should go as smooth as silk on the day of the event. For this phase of your promotional campaign, you only have to take care of the following:

> Full briefing for your team, staff and volunteers
> Get the contact list circulated to the entire team
> Set-up the registration and entertainers area
> Reiterate chain of command in case of mishaps or emergencies

Post Sporting Event Checklist

Your event may have been a huge success. You’ve boosted brand awareness and network with more potential customers, but planning doesn’t stop before and during the sporting event. This post sporting event checklist is also important for complete success.

> Event clean-up
> Event evaluation and debriefing
> Thank you letters to your team
> Thank you presentation to sponsors

Please note that the sporting event checklist above is designed only as a guide or reference. It’s not a comprehensive plan for sporting events. You’ll want to consider other reference documents to help with your planning process.

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