Quick Guide to Embroidered Baseball Caps

embroidered baseball capsPlanning your next company event? Then you’ll need a promotional giveaway that works like a charm. Whether it’s your company’s yearly sporting event or a special outdoor campaign, you can’t go wrong with embroidered baseball caps.

While more expensive than cheap promotional keychains and more visible than custom ballpoint pens, promotional baseball caps are a much better choice for sporting and outdoor events.

Why Embroidered Baseball Caps

There are a number of awesome advantages why promotional caps are ideal for brand awareness or promoting customer loyalty.

For one, custom sports caps can be worn every day and for a long time. Your brand continues to enjoy extra exposure months after the promotional event is over.

Second, promotional caps are also suitable for practically everyone from men to women, students, children and even infants. Third, embroidered baseball caps are one of the few choices in the apparel giveaways that are available in one size that fits all option.

And the best part:

Custom printed baseball caps offer eye-level exposure for your embroidered logo, which means maximum visibility every time. This is exactly what cost-effective marketing looks like. So, if you’re ready to invest in baseball caps, here’s a quick guide to help you choose the right style, colour and decoration option.

Types of Embroidered Baseball Caps Styles

When shopping for embroidered baseball caps, there are two common cap styles you’ll encounter in the market.

Structured caps

adventure-capMost baseball caps are available in a structured 6-panel look, which features a stiff and more stable front. This means more room for your custom embroidery if you want a very large display of your logo. The stiffer crown offers extra stability for your logo design.

Take this Adventure Cap for example. Featuring a structured 6-panel look in a two-tone design, this promotional headwear boasts a sporty and stylish appeal your target market will quickly love. For decoration, this baseball cap is available for a crown embroidery in either a flat or 3D design.

Unstructured caps

unstructured-hbc-suede-peakIf you want a more casual or laidback appeal, unstructured baseball caps are an excellent choice. These types feature a floppy front, which is not as stiff as the structured ones but still great for logo embroidery.

For unstructured options, this HBC Suede Peak Cap is highly recommended. Offering the perfect blend of class and style, this baseball cap is just as sporty but with a classy twist. Pre-curved sueded peak with matching suede button will beautifully complement your logo embroidery.

Types of Embroidered Baseball Caps Fabric

Promotional baseball caps are further categorised according to fabric type. Here are some of the most popular options for Vivid Promotions:

Brushed Heavy Cotton Caps

brushed-heavy-cotton-capFor the perfect blend of quality and affordability, brushed heavy cotton caps are your best bet. This Brushed Heavy Cotton Cap with Red And White Stripe features a sandwich trim and peak and crown inserts for a more distinctive appeal. Top off the look with a large logo embroidery on the crown for maximum impact.

Eco-friendly Fabric Caps

eco-friendly embroidered baseball capsIf you want to promote an eco-friendly message and win over your eco-conscious audience, there are embroidered baseball caps that are made of eco-friendly fabric. This Organic Cotton Sandwich Cap is made of 100% organic cotton featuring a structured 6-panel design with pre-curved peak. Like other promotional caps, it offers a large branding area perfect for embroidery.

Mesh Caps

Want to make sure your customers wear your brand every day? Opt for promotional mesh caps for so your audience enjoys sun protection for their eyes while feeling comfortable all day.

baseball-cap-with-high-tech-meshThis Baseball Cap with High Tech Mesh, for example, features a blend of brushed chino twill and tech mesh material. Whether your customers are out for a run or a fun outdoor adventure, this ultra-breathable cap is what they’ll grab first. Make sure your logo gets all the exposure with a bold logo embroidery on the crown.

Back Fastener Options for Baseball Caps

To ensure the perfect fit, the back fastener is one feature to look at when comparing embroidered baseball caps. Here are the two common types of back fastener options available.

Velcro back fasteners

promotional baseball caps - wave-capMost baseball caps feature Velcro back fasteners for a one-size-fits-all design that’s easy to adjust to fit different sizes. This promotional Wave Cap with cross-over Velcro fastener is suitable for your male and female customers. Available for logo embroidery or a full-colour digital print, this promotional headwear is ideal for any sporting event.

Buckle and Brass

baseball-cap-buckleThe problem with Velcro fasteners, they weaken over time and with constant adjustments. In this case, you might want to consider buckle fasteners. Instead of Velcro, this HBC Brass Buckle Cap features a brass buckle and return back fastener. Adjusting the fit may not be as easy and convenient as Velcro fasteners but it’s likely a more durable option in the long run.

Print Options for Baseball Caps

Your promotional baseball cap wouldn’t do much unless your logo is clearly displayed for more people to see. For our selection of baseball caps, we generally offer three decoration types – embroidery, plastisol transfer print and full colour direct digital print.

Crown embroidery is a go-to option for most orders. You can choose between a flat and a 3D embroidery fully displayed front and centre for maximum visibility.

To start shopping for embroidered baseball caps, head over to Vivid Promotions.

5 Simple Yet Powerful Sports Marketing Ideas for Your Sports Event

sports marketing ideasWhether you’re promoting a brand name or a physical product, sports marketing is an excellent way to connect with your target market through sports. Sporting events, in particular, are a great place to win over loyal customers. As sports fans have fun, it will be easier to rally them to jump on board with your brand.

There are all types of sports fans around the world. In Australia, for example, football and cricket fans abound. To win over these types of audience, here are 6 sports marketing ideas to keep in mind for your next sporting event:

Come up with a sporting event name

There are dozens of sporting events that take place every year. To set your promotional event from the competition, one of the first things you need to do is come up with a memorable sporting event name.

Brainstorm creative and clever event names if possible. Use unique words that people will easily remember. You may even add a tagline or slogan for better recall. Or you can always keep it simple yet still effective with your brand name plus “Olympics,” “Sports Day” and other such words to complete the event title.

Design a creative logo

Once you’ve come up with a suitable event name, the next step is to design a creative logo. This sporting marketing strategy is important because your logo is what potential customers will see everywhere. You’ll need your logo to fun, creative and memorable. Pair it up with a catchy slogan and have it printed on posters, flyers and online on varied social media platforms.

The goal is to make your logo as visible as possible so sports fans remember that you have an upcoming event they shouldn’t miss.

Engage your audience through social media

If you haven’t added social media marketing to your sports marketing ideas yet, you’re doing it wrong. Today’s sports fans are also tech savvy. Your brand should take advantage and utilize social media to engage them before, during and after the sports events.social-media-marketing

Exciting promotions through social media prior to the event will help spread the word out. You can host online contests and games, for example, as an added bonus. During the sporting event, you can create hashtags and encourage your audience to tweet or share their posts on Facebook and other social media platforms. After the sports event, you can stay connected with your audience through social media follow-ups. You can ask for feedback about the promotional sporting event, offer additional discounts and just stay connected so it’s harder for customers to forget your brand.

Prepare pre- and post-game activities

During the day of the event, prepare pre- and post-game activities to draw more audience to your sporting event. Parades, live performances, and pep rallies are excellent activities that will pump some excitement to your promotional event. For post-game incentives, you can keep the excitement alive with contests, prizes, awards and press conferences.

Offer sporty promotional giveaways

promotional headwearFinally, to complete our list of sports marketing ideas, you can go the extra mile with promotional giveaways. Promotional products your customers can use for a long time are highly recommended for building brand loyalty. For sporting events, promotional caps and hats are among the most popular incentives sports fans will always love to receive.

Whether you’re hosting an annual Australian football event, baseball league, golf tournament or any other sporting events, Vivid Promotions offers a huge selection of promotional headwear to meet your marketing needs.

Here are some of our most popular custom printed caps you should check out:

Cotton Cap with Bottle Opener & Australian Flag

promotional-caps-australian-flagPerfect for football events and other Australian sporting campaigns, this embroidered cotton cap features a structured 6-panel look with pre-curved peak, bottle opener and an Australian flag embroidery that makes it a sure stand out. The Cotton Cap with Bottle Opener & Australian Flag is not only sporty but also dual-function and patriotic.

Baseball Cap with Peak Flames

promotional-baseball-cap-with-embroideryThis Baseball Cap with Peak Flames is another hot incentive perfect for any sporting event. Available in bold and vibrant red colour, this promotional baseball cap features a structured 6 panel, low profile pre-curved peak and the distinctive flame embroidery. To complete the sporty look, your logo can be beautifully embroidered on the front to complement the trendy design.

Premium Soft Mesh Cap

premium-soft-mesh-capMake a premium brand impression with this personalised Premium Soft Mesh Cap. Breathable and durable, this promotional trucker mesh cap is made from 100% cotton fabric featuring a structured 6-panel design with slight pre-curved peak. Completing the ultra-comfy look is the padded sweatband so your customers feel comfortable all day while enjoying your sporting event.

White Sports Mesh Cap

white-sports-mesh-capQuick dry sports caps like this White Sports Mesh Cap also makes a perfect promo gift for sports fans. Featuring an unstructured 6-panel design made from sports mesh, this promotional cap is more comfortable to wear than your standard brushed cotton caps. Available in classic white colour, your embroidered logo is sure to easily stand out in the crowd.

E.V.A. Foam Adjustable Visor

eva-foam-adjustable-promotional-visorsIf you have a tight marketing budget and you want to reach as many potential customers as possible, low-cost promotional products such as this E.V.A. Foam Adjustable Visor are perfect for your sporting event.

This promotional visor is available in a variety of fun colours. It is also available for a bold screen print decoration of your logo on the brim. Contact Vivid Promotions if you want your logo on other areas of the visor. You’ll need to submit your design for consideration.

Boost Brand Awareness with Embroidered Hats and Caps

embroidered hatsOne of the most dependable promotional products when boosting brand awareness are embroidered hats and caps. These promotional items are wearable and widely visible practically setting up your brand for advertising success.

Whether for sporting events, team building, outdoor promotions and a wide range of advertising campaigns, custom embroidered hats are always ready to show off your brand.

Here are some of the best bucket hats, promotional beanies and branded baseball caps perfect for your next promotion.

Cheap Embroidered Hats and Caps

custom-embroidered-hats-and-capsWant to reach a wider demographic without breaking your marketing budget? You’ll easily reach your promotional goals with cheap custom baseball caps. When beautifully and boldly embroidered with your logo, custom baseball caps are sure to draw more attention to your business. Stylish and sporty, this promotional Cap with Curved Embroidery on Crown and Peak is a great value investment. Available in an array of trendy colour options, the embroidered baseball cap will ensure maximum brand exposure any day.

Customized Beanies

promotional-custom-beaniesPerfect for the cold winter months, customized beanies are a great giveaway to quickly warm up with your target market. Wholesale beanies are available at Vivid Promotions. You can even design your beanie with a fantastic 3D embroidery or just a colourful full colour digital print for maximum brand exposure. If you’re ready to customize your own beanie giveaway for your next event, check out this Beanie with Reflective Trims Rollback Design.

Promotional Embroidered Bucket Hats

embroidered-bucket-hatsWhile embroidered bucket hats may not be as popular as customised baseball hats, they are just as equally visible and cost-effective for sporting and outdoor events. Vivid Promotions carry an exciting selection of custom bucket hats for men including this Breathable Poly Twill Bucket Hat, cheap bucket hats for women and even bucket hats for infants. You can create your own bucket hat featuring a lovely embroidery or a bold print of your logo that’s sure to get attention day in and day out.

Branded Caps with Lights

navigator-led-light-capPersonalised hats for promotional events always work. There’s no question about that. But if you wanted to give your advertising some extra edge, you’ll like our Custom Caps with Light. This Navigator LED Light Cap will promote your message all day long event at night. Complete with 5 ultra-bright LED bulbs, this stylishly embroidered baseball cap doubles as a wearable flashlight for nighttime emergencies.

Promotional Flat Peak Caps

flat-peak-snap-aback-adults-capAdvertise your brand in style with promotional flat peak caps. Great for a variety of sporting and outdoor events, wearable snapbacks caps like this custom embellished Flat Peak Snap Back – Adults Cap is just what you need to win over your fashionable customers. Featuring a structured 6 panel design with flat peak and mesh back, this stylish promotional headwear is especially perfect for motor sports, school and dance events.


Ready to order bulk baseball caps and embroidered hats you can readily personalise with your logo design? Head over to our website at Vivid Promotions and check out our massive selection of custom made caps and hats.