5 Ts of Choosing the Perfect Promotional Giveaways

Whether you’re planning a small promotional campaign or a massive sporting event of the year, promotional giveaways play a key role in promoting your brand, product or service.

Promotional products are available in a huge selection of categories. There are low cost and small items like imprinted keychains and other novelty items that are great for direct mail campaigns. There are also wearable items like promotional apparel, branded tumblers, custom printed bags and other similar items that are great for trade shows, conferences and product launches. Expensive giveaways such as watches and premium executive pens are also available for corporate events and award ceremonies.

How do you choose the perfect promotional giveaway for your campaign? Here are 5 Ts to help you sort out the numerous choices available in the market:


target-audienceAs much as you want to reach all types of customers, it’s not just possible or practical. The truth is, your product or service is not always suited for everyone. When choosing the right promotional giveaways, you need a target audience in mind. You have to consider factors such as age, demographics, lifestyle, and hobbies among other things.

For example, if you’re a sports brand aiming to reach as many sports fans as possible, you’ll do well choosing sporty giveaways like custom promo caps. It also helps to consider promotional products related to your product or service. You’ll also want to examine what kind of promotional giveaways your competitors offer.

Total Cost

Depending on your brand promotion goals and your target audience, you need to figure out a budget for this aspect of your business.

If your goal is to connect with high position executives from big brands, total advertising cost can be costly. You have to consider premium promotional products such as professional watches or high-end promotional pens to make a good impression. If you want to ensure superior brand presence at sporting or outdoor events, branded caps and hats are perfect.

Vivid Promotions has a huge collection of promo products to suit every budget. Contact us for more information.


To guarantee a successful promotion, timing matters too. When choosing ideal promotional giveaways for your target audience, you also need to consider the time of the year.

If you’re hosting a campaign during the winter season, weather-appropriate promotional products such as beanies, knit caps, and sweaters are recommended. If you’re planning a sporting event during the summer season, promotional headwear offers the perfect sun protection and a visible printing area for your logo decoration.


promotional apparelThere are many types of promotional products for every type of advertising campaign. But if your goal is long lasting promotional rewards, wearable giveaways are among the best types of promotional giveaways.

Personalised and embroidered caps, in particular, are top choices for many businesses because they are eye-catchy, sporty and trendy. But more importantly, promotional caps can be worn year-round and for a long time. With one embroidered baseball cap, you can reach hundreds or even thousands of potential customers.

Still not convinced? Here’s why you should use promotional headwear for your advertising.


When considering promotional giveaways to invest in, it’s also important to take into account current trends.

For example, if you’re giving away custom printed caps for a sporting event, you need to give your customers something stylish, attractive and also trendy. That’s one way to ensure that they’ll be wearing your promotional gift all the time. Consequently, your brand gets more exposure making the most of your investment.

Ready to show off your brand outdoors with promotional headwear? Here are some of the most popular hats and trendy baseball caps you should check out:

6-Panel Camo Truckers Cap

6-panel-camo-truckers-cap-expressIf you want to give your brand a rugged, trendy look, this 6-Panel Camo Truckers Cap is just the promotional item you need. This sporty cap features a structured look with camo print on fabric and mesh. It’s a quick stand out in any crowd. Just make sure your logo is beautifully embroidered on the crown for maximum exposure.

Hi Vis Cap With 3M Reflective Tape

hi-vis-cap-with-3m-reflective-tapePromotional safety caps employees use at job sites doesn’t have to be boring. With this personalised Hi Vis Cap With 3M Reflective Tape, you get to promote your brand in style. The promotional cap features waterproof Oxford outer layer, 3M reflective tape and high visibility safety. It’s great for daytime and nighttime use.

Madison Cheap Cap

madison-cheap-capThere’s no need to break the budget to guarantee promotional success. With this Madison Cheap Cap, your brand can enjoy extra brand exposure outdoors at an affordable cost. The structured 6-panel cap is available in a variety of trendy colours, which can be complemented with an attractive embroidery decoration.

Helix Microfleece Skull-Cap

helix-microfleece-skull-capFor winter season promotions, you can’t go wrong with this custom printed Helix Microfleece Skull-Cap. Lightweight, windproof and customisable, this promotional beanie will quickly warm up with your target market. It is available for a classy embroidery logo decoration to match the cap’s classic look.

Executive Striped Cap

promotional giveaways - executive capWith the right branded cap, you can easily win over executives and inspire brand loyalty. This professional and trendy Executive Striped Cap, for example, is perfect for corporate outdoor events. Featuring a structured design with printed lines over the entire fabric, this branded cap will look even better with your logo delicately embroidered in place.


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Step-by-Step Guide: How to Request a Quote

Requesting a quote for our promotional products is pretty straightforward. Just follow the simple step-by-step process below:

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In this case, let’s consider the “Brushed Heavy Cotton Cap with Road Embroidery.”

Step 3: Click on the item and look for the “Add to Quote List” tab. You’ll be redirected to the “Quote List” page where you need to fill up important information.

Step 4: Choose your print preference, set date required and specify quantity requirements.

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Why Use Promotional Headwear for Your Advertising

Did you know that a promotional headwear can make about 3,136 impressions in its lifetime?

Promotional-CapsAccording to a recent Global Advertising Specialties Impressions Study, there are around 41% of consumers in the US who own promotional caps. Make sure they look good and you can guarantee 42% of your customers to keep them and wear them for a long time. For areas where it’s always sunny, about 77% of consumers report wearing their personalized hats once a week or more.

While the statistics we’ve mentioned above are true for the US market, the point we want to make is pretty clear. Promotional headwear is one of the most effective promotional products to meet your advertising needs.

Still need more convincing? Here are more advantages you can enjoy when you use printed caps and hats:

Promotional headwear are functional

promotional headwearIf you’re going to impress your target market with a promotional giveaway, might as well give them something they’ll find useful and functional. Promotional hats whether embroidered or pad printed with your logo aren’t just visible but they’re very practical all around.

Promotional beanies such as this Acrylic Black Beanie with Peak will keep your customers warm during the cold, winter season.

promotional safety capThis Hi Vis Cap With 3M Reflective Tape, on one hand, will offer sun protection and promote safety at job sites.

cheap-promotional-capsIf you’re planning an outdoor event, there are also plenty of cheap promotional caps like this Madison Cheap Cap, which you can order wholesale for bulk advertising.

Promotional caps can reach a wide demographics

Promotional headwear is available in a variety of styles, sizes, and designs. From promotional Akubra hats to custom bucket hats, promotional baseball caps, imprinted beans, printed bandannas and promotional trucker caps, there are plenty of options to meet your target demographics.

When beautifully decorated with your company logo, promotional caps and hats will appeal to a wide audience making it a cost-effective investment for any business in any industry.

Promotional caps are widely visible

Like other promotional products, promotional caps are also customisable. But what makes custom printed caps and hats a cut above other promotional items is visibility. When worn, promotional headwear is definitely more visible than smaller branded items like wrist bands. This means you’ll be able to reach more customers at a time especially for outdoor events.

stylish-promotional-quilted-truckers-cap-expressIf you ensure that your promotional headwear looks attractive and stylish like this Quilted Truckers Cap Express, you’re bound to draw more attention to your delicately embroidered logo or beautifully woven text.

Branded caps and hats are affordable

embroidered bucket hatsPromotional headwear is a cost-effective investment for any business. Going back to the statistics we’ve mentioned earlier, a custom printed cap can make about 3,100 impressions in its lifespan. That’s a lot of potential customers you can convert for each investment of a custom printed baseball cap or embroidered bucket hats.

While personalised headwear may not be as inexpensive as smaller items like promotional keychains, cheap imprinted pens and other novelty items, you’re sure that your investment will go a long with branded caps. In the end, promotional headwear is more affordable than other event giveaways because of its promotional potential.

Promotional headwear offers long lasting use

Custom printed baseball capspromotional-baseball-caps aren’t just functional and customisable, they’re also made for long lasting use. Even long after the sporting event or outdoor beach promotion is over, you know your brand will continue to get extra exposure for a long time. That makes your advertising cost-effective all around.

But there’s one thing you do need to make sure. Consumers, according to research, are like to wear attractive and stylish promotional caps. To get the most out of your advertising investment, it’s best to look for a trendy cap your target market will love to wear.

Ready to invest in promotional headwear? Get in touch with Vivid Promotions for a wide selection of promotional caps and hats at an affordable cost.