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Vivid Promotions is dedicated to providing our clients with quality, affordable and customisable Promotional Headwear. With thousands of promotional caps and hats available in various styles, colours and sizes, we can guarantee advertising solutions for outdoor events, sporting events and an array of promotional campaigns.

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Vivid Promotional Hats and Caps

Brushed Heavy Cotton Cap With Contrasting Peak Under

Brushed Heavy Cotton Cap With Contrasting Peak Under
Product Code: HWA4096

Kick off a successful promotional campaign with a giveaway your customers can't refuse. The Brushed Heavy Cotton Cap With Contrasting Peak Under boasts a classic structured look with contrasting inserts and peak under. With over ten popular colour combinations to choose from, embellishing your brand using classic embroidery or colourful printing has never been easier!

4-5k Stitch Embroidery

Qty Price
50 $9.43
100 $8.64
250 $8.11
500 $7.25
1000 $6.79

Exhibit Flat Peak Cap

Exhibit Flat Peak Cap
Product Code: GCDAH950

Reach the promotional peak with this custom embellished Exhibit Flat Peak Cap. Always a hit at sporting and outdoor events, this stylish promotional cap features a structured 6 panel design with flat peak and plastic adjustable double snap. Available in a wide range of bold colours, this promo cap is ideal for imaginative embellishment. From digitally printed transfers to traditional embroidery branding techniques, your logo will shine!

Full Colour Direct Digital Print

Qty Price
25 $10.16
50 $9.00
100 $8.32

Aspect Trucker Cap

Aspect Trucker Cap
Product Code: GCDAH363

A great way to promote your brand is with this custom embellished Aspect Trucker Cap. This trendy promo baseball cap is designed with a velcro closure, front panel with the latest contrast honeycomb mesh fabric, available in a variety of favourite colours. Choose this Aspect Trucker Cap to be printed or embroidered with your logo to appeal your potential customers.

Plastisol Transfer - 1 Colour


Brushed Heavy Cotton Cap with Australia Applique

Promote your brand and some Australian pride with this custom printed Brushed Heavy Cotton Cap with Australia Applique. Featuring a structured 6-panel design with pre-curved peak, this low profile customised promotional cap makes the perfect head accessory for outdoor and sporting events. This heavy brushed cotton promotional cotton cap also features a short touch strap to easily adjust to the most comfortable fit. Completing the look is the eye-catchy Australian Themed Print Applique that's sure to make your brand pop, especially when added next to it as a bright print or silky embroidery decoration.

Madison Cheap Cap

There's no need to break the budget for a successful outdoor campaign with this custom decorated Madison Cheap Cap. Perfect for outdoor and sporting events, this sporty promotional cotton baseball cap boasts a classic structured 6-panel look with contrast trim on sides for added flare. The Madison Cheap Cap is made from a fine brushed heavy cotton fabric & available in six colourways for variety. For decoration, we recommend our specialised headwear Printing and Embroidery service to complete the branding process.

Idaho Flat Peak Cap

Give your advertising some trendy edge with this personalised Idaho Flat Peak Cap. Featuring a classic structured 6 panel design with flat peak, this wearable promotional item makes the perfect headwear to sport for all kinds of outdoor outings. The Idaho Flat Peak Cap is available in five stylish colours ready to accompany your personal message or business logo. Ask us how to best match the available embellishment options with your brand for maximum effect. They range from traditional embroidery for the hand crafted look, to full colour digital printing for super definition. There's a decoration method to suit any brand!

Premium American Twill Flat Peak Snap Back Pro Styling Cap

When it comes to outdoor promotional events, you can't go wrong with advertising caps. Sporty and trendy, this Premium American Twill Flat Peak Snap Back Pro Styling Cap is designed to be a sure stand out in the crowd. With a modern look, this promo hat boasts a structured 6 panel design with flat peak and the distinctive Snap Back Pro gold sticker. The most popular decoration methods used to brand the Premium American Twill Flat Peak cap are coloured or metallic embroidery and smooth finishing transfer printing.

Poly Twill Trucker Cap with Mesh Back

Promotional trucker caps like this Poly Twill Trucker Cap with Mesh Back are a great way to show off your brand outdoors. Featuring a structured 6 panel look with pre-curved peak, this sporty promo cap is designed to suit any modern style. Contrast stitching adds more style to the look and twin hole plastic snap adjustable closure ensures comfort fit. For decoration, the Poly Twill Trucker Cap with Mesh Back will look fantastic with a multi-colour transfer print or richly finished embroidery.

Quilted Truckers Cap Express

Personalise this Quilted Truckers Cap and ensure maximum brand visibility outdoors. Boasting a futuristic look with a structured 5-panel profile, mesh backing and pre-curved peak, this promotional trucker cap will easily stand out from the competition. Distinctive argyle pattern stitching on the front panel gives this promo trucker cap a unique look your customers will surely love along side their artistically embroidered design.

Truckers Mesh back Cap

Impress customers with the perfect combo of breathability and style with this personalised Truckers Mesh Back Cap. A sure hit at sporting and outdoor events, this super cheap promo headwear item offers a massive branding area for photographic digital transfer printing or colourful embroidery. Featuring a high profile 5-panel design with curved peak, nylon mesh back and plastic snap strap completing the look. This High Profile Truckers Mesh Back Hat is available in a wide array of colourways that you can mix and match with your brand colours

Acrylic Beanie

Warm up to your target market with this stripe printed promotional Acrylic Beanie. A must have for the winter season, this groovy headwear item is made from 100% acrylic featuring a rollback design with contrast multi stripes for added style. Branding this acrylic beanie is best done with a classy embroidery embellishment

Acrylic Beanie Deep Fit

Get your winter season promotion in gear with this personalised Deep Fitting Acrylic Beanie. Featuring a tongue deep fit, this promotional headwear item makes the perfect fit for your advertising needs and budget. The Acrylic Beanie Deep Fit is designed to comfortably fit most head sizes. Available in classic white colour, this custom beanie offers a highly versatile backdrop for your exquisite embroidery decoration.

Cruz Cap

Our customised sporty looking Cruz Cap has embroidered stripes and panel peak. These are most suitable for Motorsport, School and Sporting Events. The Cruz Cap is a structured 6 panel cap, with pre-curved peak. Available in a variety of popular colours which when combined with a smooth transfer print or rustic embroidered design, can really make your brand pop.

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Extra Detail on Brushed Heavy Cotton Cap, Sure Way to Draw an Eye!


Brushed Heavy Cotton Cap

Paying attention to the littlest detail is the only way to ensure that a particular fashion creation stands out from the rest. †By just looking at these promotional caps and hats, you will know that someone really did their homework, additional different colour stitching, and ample space for you to imprint your business logo; all delivered in a period of two weeks for the most friendly budget. For stylish cap lovers, the deal doesnít get any better than this!

Why all the detail ?

The stitch overlays and the rest of the cap are of different colours. Each colour pops out individually to give the cap a unique contrast; everyone wonít help but notice!

The stitch design clearly outlines the 6-panel design and extends to the pre-curved peak in a most tantalising manner. There is a wide collection of colours ranging from black/gold to white/navy for you to choose from.

Product details:

  • Material

Brushed heavy cotton is way better than other materials in a number of ways. It is soft and sturdy at the same time, more durable and easy to clean. Cotton also allows for better air circulation- a wise choice if you intend to spend time outdoors on a sunny day.

  • Cross-stitched brim

The peakís pre-curved design provides more shade from the sun. It is also perfect for a bad hair day or when you just want to keep a low profile. This particular feature makes it most ideal for all manner of sports.

  • Buckle touch strap

A cap that isnít strapped enough might prevent you from fully indulging into what you are doing as you will be forced to keep on adjusting it from time to time. These promotional caps and hats come with a buckle touch strap for an additional fasten- break a leg!

  • Durable shape and colour

Everyone likes a cap that doesnít lose its shape after two consecutive wears. The stitched lining plus the custom brushed cotton gives the cap a rare rigidness that allows the cap to maintain shape on and off the shelf. With good maintenance, the colours should remain bright for the capís entire lifetime.


When making your selection, select comfortable Promotional caps and hats with a colour that best compliments with the rest of your outfit. In other terms, it should make you feel younger, stylish and confident.

Baseball Cap Imprints- Going Custom? Even better!


Fashion wise, brushed heavy cotton baseball cap designers are taking it to a whole new level and everyone wants a piece of it. Luckily, the modern baseball cap, as most call it, fits anywhere, be it designer suits, couples fashion, the runway, assimilation into other sports; the list is endless!

Nowadays, people only wear what tells their story best. A custom printed cotton cap enables you to do this in the most affordable way. You can also print your business brand on your customised fashion cap to ensure that you market is wherever you go.

If you ask the experts, there is so much that you can do with a 6-panel design cap. You will be surprised to see just how much can be achieved with the print area, which measures about 60mm * 70mm. Turnaround time for the fully customized product is about two weeks.

Never wore a cap before? Got you covered!

For everyone, there are always those suits or dresses that make you feel special and confident but somehow, you still feel weird when you are in them because people wonít just stop staring. Well, thatís because they like what they see. Wearing a custom printed cotton cap for the first time shouldnít be any different. On top of making you feel special and confident, it will make you feel younger, real, and trendy. There are more than enough categories to get you started- you are spoilt for choice!

You donít have to worry about comfort. The cotton fabric has been brushed repeatedly to ensure that the cap adjusts smoothly to your headís movements. This gives you maximum comfort all day.

Color and bill shape matters a lot

heavy cotton baseball cap

For a person who loves wearing caps a lot, it becomes mandatory to have as many colours as possible- the reason for this being that you need a matching cap for each and every outfit; colour wise (view available colours here). When choosing the shape of the bill, a curved one is always the better choice. It gives you a better adjust, fit, and shade. This is extremely important, especially if you intend to spend many hours outdoors.

Selecting your dealer wisely also counts

After knowing what you want for your cap print area, then comes in the next big question- how do I select the store? Well, good services speak for themselves; only select a dealer with a proven track record.

Great Fashion Caps options for all your corporate function needs!


[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="160"]Military Style Fashion Cap PIONEER Military CAP Solid Colour[/caption]

Promoting your company in a stylish way with a unique product is a great way to gain brand exposure! Vivid Promotionsí Fashion Caps make great low cost giveaways, trade show products, gifts with purchase and can also be sold to your clients with a little mark up!


[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="209"]Fashion Cap with Flexi Fit Headband Double Pique Mesh with Dream Fit Styling Cap[/caption]

Select from Fashion styles including our Oil Skin Cap, Promotional Snap Back Cap, Trucker Cap, Flexi Fit Style Caps. and Military Style Caps. †All of these Fashion Caps can be custom printed or embroidered with your logo, slogan or business details and can be matched to your corporate colours for a fashion statement!

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="169"]Fashion Cap with Snap Closure Freestyler Snap Cap[/caption]

Promotional Fashion Caps such as our Flat Peak Caps are a modern design, made with premium cotton materials and feature an adjustment strap at the back to fit most adults. The great thing about a Promotional Cap is that they are suited to both male and female clients, making them a fantastic unisex option.

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="212"]Ladies Straw Fashion Hat Ladies Cowboy Straw Hat[/caption]

Vivid Promotions can mix and match the cap colours for you so that you have a variety of colours to give to your clients. With our quick lead times of just 2 weeks, your Promotional Fashion Cap can be ready in time for your event or function.

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="183"]Fashion Akubra Hat with Hat Band Bogart Akubra Hat[/caption]

Not only do we have Fashion Caps, but we also have a range of Fashion Hats! Check out our Straw Style Akubra Hats, Fedora Hats and Cowboy Style Akubra Hats for something a little different. No matter which Fashion Cap you go with, your brand is sure to be noticed.

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Exciting promotional caps here to stay!  With a large range of decorated promotional caps and printed merchandise hats, Vivid Promotions can help you with all your custom merchandise cap enquiries.  With styles available like the popular printed baseball cap, embroidered sandwich peak cap, decorated truckers mesh back cap, full colour print bucket hat or the imprinted acrylic beanie, your next promotional merchandise campaign will be full of colour and style.  Try the decorated red eco-friendly cap, embroidered black golf cap, printed green military cap or the custom branded blue quick dry sports cap. 

In the Australian climate, combating the effects of sun is a major issue.  With the help of Vivid Promotions decorated sun hats, your company will maintain a high sun awareness image while getting your company logo in the view of the public.  From printed surf hats, embroidered legionnaire caps to the decorated straw wide-brimmed hats, your next promotional merchandise hats will keep the Aussie sun away.

Embroidery is an economic decoration options for promotional caps.  With the option of up to 9 custom colours at no extra charge, custom decorated merchandise caps and hats are a great background product for detailed and complex corporate logos.  For a full colour print look no further than a custom printed baseball cap or digital printed trucker cap.  With a large decoration area, your next custom decorated promotional headwear item will display your company logo right in the view of the public.

Finding the perfect promotional item in your company colours has never been this easy.  Vivid Promotions range of corporate merchandise decorated caps and promotional printed hats are available in nearly every colour and style.  If you can't find it, Vivid Promotions can arrange for a custom colour decorated cap or custom made embroidered hat to match your corporate image.