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Why Choose Embroidered Baseball Caps?

When choosing a promotional giveaway for your next event, there are a couple of things to consider including attractiveness, usefulness and affordability. Other than promotional bags, custom printed pens or personalised drink bottles, embroidered baseball caps meet all those requirements.

Designed for long term advertising, promotional caps are wearable and highly visible. Whether you opt for promotional mesh caps for sporting events or prefer suede caps to inject some style into your advertising, these promotional items are always ready to show off your brand at eye level.

Here are some of our most popular imprinted baseball caps you should check out:

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Embroidered baseball caps, mesh caps, and more for a cost-effective, year-round advertising

Cruz Cap

Cruz Cap
Product Code: GCDAH048

Cap off your next promotion with an irresistible promotional giveaway. Combining style and all-day comfort, this custom printed Cruz Cap is just what you need for motorsports, school promotions, sporting events and other outdoor campaigns.

This Cruz Cap boasts a structured 6-panel design with pre-curved peak offering sun protection all day. Also featured is a contrast panel for added style and embroidery accents on the peak for a unique appeal.

Whether embroidered or digitally printed with your logo, this Cruz Cap is a great choice for long term advertising.

4k-5K Stitch Embroidery

Qty Price

JK Cap

 JK Cap
Product Code: GCDAH317

When it comes to boosting brand awareness, nothing is as effective as custom embroidered baseball caps. Just like this imprinted JK Cap. Not only is this cap highly visible but it boasts a trendy look to perfect top off your customers' outdoor outfit.

This JK Baseball Cap features a high profile 6-panel design with pre-curved peak available in a variety of classy colours your customers wouldn't be able to resist. Add your embroidered logo on the crown to finish off the look. Crown plastisol transfer print and full colour digital print are also available.

Looking for other types of promotional headgear? We have more options at Vivid Promotions including imprinted mesh caps, promotional suede caps and custom printed trucker caps.

9k-10K Stitch Embroidery

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Emperor Cap

Emperor Cap
Product Code: GCDAH300

Promote your brand rain or shine with this Emperor Baseball Cap. Made of heavy brushed cotton featuring a sporty and structured design complete with a pre-curved peak, this promotional head wear is all you need to keep the sun or rain off your eyes. For added style, this baseball cap features an embroidery design on the crown over the peak.

Cap off the look with your logo embroidered or digitally printed logo on the crown for maximum visibility outdoors. This Emperor Cap is available in three trendy colourways to match any style preference.

Full Colour Direct Digital Print


Memphis Cap

Ensuring year-round advertising at an affordable cost is guaranteed with this embroidered Memphis Baseball Cap. Perfect for players or fans, this promotional headwear is just what you need to get closer and more personal with your target market.

This Memphis Cap features a structured 6-panel design with pre-curved peak for sun protection and a unique, eye-catchy embroidery zigzag design completing the look. Add your embroidered logo on the crown for maximum visibility outdoors. Alternative print options including plastisol transfer print and plastisol full colour direct digital print are also available if preferred.

Nordic Cap

Promotional baseball caps like this Nordic Cap are bound to be all-around favorites. Available in a variety of trendy and attractive colourways, this promotional cap features a tri-colour design that's sure to stand out in the crowd.

Like other sports cap, this Nordic Cap features a classic structured look with pre-curved peak. What makes it extra special is the contrast panel design on the crown and peak that gives the cap a more distinguishable appeal. For decoration, crown embroidery in flat or 3D design is highly recommended.

Quantum Cap

Want to make the most of your advertising budget? Embroidered baseball caps like this Quantum Cap are packed with promotional potential at an attractive cost.

Featuring a trendy tri-colour design, this structured and sporty baseball cap is sure to be a hit with outdoor enthusiasts. This Quantum Cap also featured a pre-curved peak effectively keeping the sun off your eyes while you run, play sports or enjoying the outdoors.

Ensure maximum promotional impact with your logo embroidered on this Quantum Cap. A flat or 3D embroidery decoration is available. We also offer plastisol transfer print and full colour direct digital print if preferred.

Microfibre Sports Cap with Trim

Nothing impresses a sports or outdoor enthusiast more than a custom printed headgear like this Microfibre Sports Cap with Trim. Offering the perfect combo of comfort and style, this promotional head wear makes a great giveaway for your next sporting or outdoor event.

This sporty cap features an unstructured 6-pane design with pre-curved peak and fabric covered short touch strap. Made of microfibre fabric, this embroidered baseball cap isn't only sporty and trendy but also comfy to wear all day. Get your logo displayed in flat or 3D embroidery to promote your brand rain or shine.

Sienna Cap

Complete your advertising stash for the summer season with this imprinted Sienna baseball cap. Whether for sporting events or any other outdoor promotions, this sporty and trendy cap is all set to impress and win over your target market.

This Sienna Cap boasts a classic structured look with pre-curved peak and mesh knit panel on both sides to ensure all-day comfort and breathability. Also featured are embroidered stripe accents and mesh panel peak for added style. Get this promotional cap embroidered with your logo for maximum impact. Other print options are available, contact us for more info.

Splash Cap

Make a huge promotional splash with this custom printed Splash Baseball Cap. Designed to easily stand out in the crowd and from the competition, this sporty embroidered cap boasts an eye-catchy splash embroidery that's sure to draw attention. This Splash Cap also features a classic structured 6-panel design with pre-curved peak to complement your embroidered logo on the crown.

Choose from a selection of fun and fashionable colourways which you can mix and match with your company colours. This Splash Cap is made of heavy brushed cotton for long lasting durability and wearability.

Carbon Cap

Impress your target market with the perfect blend of sophistication and sporty style with this personalised Carbon Baseball Cap. Oozing with class, this embroidered baseball cap isn't like any other promotional headwear. What makes this a stand out from the competition is the carbon vinyl peak insert with wrap over trim for a unique appeal your customers wouldn't be able to resist.

This Carbon Baseball Cap also features a classic structured 6-panel design with pre-curved peak and crown that's ready for a flat or 3D embroidery. Whether for motorsports or racing events, this classy and sporty cap is ready to promote your brand at eye level.

Champion Classic Cap

Stick with the classics and ensure promotional success with this imprinted Champion Classic Cap. Made of 100% cotton featuring a structured 6-panel design, this embroidered sports cap is ready to get your brand outdoors. Added features include an adjustable back strap for custom fit and a pre-curved peak for sun protection.

This Champion Classic Cap is available in one size fits most with a large branding area on the crown ready for logo embroidery. Colour options include Royal Blue, Navy Blue, Red, Bottle Green, Orange, Black, Grey and Purple, which you can mix and match with your company colours for maximum impact.

Cypress Cap

From the stuctured look to the eye-popping flame embroidery design, this custom printed Cypress Cap is ready to win the promotional game.

Perfect for sporting and outdoor events, this promotional baseball cap doesn't only offer excellent sun protection but it also promotes your brand at eye-level. Also featured is a mesh knit panel for all-day comfort and breathability. Your customers will love wearing and showing off your brand around day after day.

This Cypress Cap can be embroidered with your logo in flat or 3D design. Plastisol transfer print and full colour digital print are also available for decoration.

Wave Cap

Add this imprinted Wave Cap to your advertising stash. Featuring a comfy heavy brushed cotton construction and structured style, this promotional cap is sure to be an all-around favourite. Complete with a cross-over Velcro back fastener, it's easy to adjust the fit for the most comfortable feel all day. But what makes this baseball cap a stand out is the embroidery wave design that brings the sporty appeal to the next level.

Choose from a selection of fashionable colours and complement it with your logo embroidery for maximum impact. You may also opt for a full colour digital print or plastisol transfer print for decoration.

Check out over 1,200 promotional caps and hats at Vivid Promotions.

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Sporting Event Checklist for Surefire Success


Hosting a sporting event?

sporting event checklistWhether you're organising one to raise funds, boost brand awareness, recruit members or ensure customer loyalty, careful and detailed planning is imperative for surefire success. There are plenty of things that could go wrong during a promotional event. So, itís always best to prepare for any potential or foreseeable mishaps, just in case, than wait on the day of the event to do something.

To help with your event planning, we have here a sporting event checklist divided into three phases to get you started.

Pre-Sporting Event Checklist

In general, these are the important things to think about prior to your sporting event.

> Prepare a budget
> Pick a location or venue for the event
> Plant the event agenda or program
> Seek for sponsorships
> Develop a marketing or promotional plan
> Define your event participant or audience
> Secure local government requirements
> Prepare permits and licenses
> Hire contracts for the event set-up
> Create a risk management plan
> Create a security plan
> Design a plan for site preparation
> Develop a waste management plan
> Design a traffic management plan
> Organize your group of volunteers and staff

On the Day of the Event

If you've created a comprehensive strategy for each of the pre-sporting event checklist above, everything should go as smooth as silk on the day of the event. For this phase of your promotional campaign, you only have to take care of the following:

> Full briefing for your team, staff and volunteers
> Get the contact list circulated to the entire team
> Set-up the registration and entertainers area
> Reiterate chain of command in case of mishaps or emergencies

Post Sporting Event Checklist

Your event may have been a huge success. You've boosted brand awareness and network with more potential customers, but planning doesn't stop before and during the sporting event. This post sporting event checklist is also important for complete success.

> Event clean-up
> Event evaluation and debriefing
> Thank you letters to your team
> Thank you presentation to sponsors

Please note that the sporting event checklist above is designed only as a guide or reference. It's not a comprehensive plan for sporting events. You'll want to consider other reference documents to help with your planning process.

No promotional event is complete without promotional giveaways. So if you want to leave a more long-lasting brand impression, embroidered baseball caps are perfect for sporting events.

At Vivid Promotions, we offer a huge selection of promotional caps and hats available for customisation for maximum impact.

Quick Guide to Embroidered Baseball Caps


embroidered baseball capsPlanning your next company event? Then you'll need a promotional giveaway that works like a charm. Whether it's your company's yearly sporting event or a special outdoor campaign, you can't go wrong with embroidered baseball caps.

While more expensive than cheap promotional keychains and more visible than custom ballpoint pens, promotional baseball caps are a much better choice for sporting and outdoor events.

Why Embroidered Baseball Caps

There are a number of awesome advantages why promotional caps are ideal for brand awareness or promoting customer loyalty.

For one, custom sports caps can be worn every day and for a long time. Your brand continues to enjoy extra exposure months after the promotional event is over.

Second, promotional caps are also suitable for practically everyone from men to women, students, children and even infants. Third, embroidered baseball caps are one of the few choices in the apparel giveaways that are available in one size that fits all option.

And the best part:

Custom printed baseball caps offer eye-level exposure for your embroidered logo, which means maximum visibility every time. This is exactly what cost-effective marketing looks like. So, if you're ready to invest in baseball caps, here's a quick guide to help you choose the right style, colour and decoration option.

Types of Embroidered Baseball Caps Styles

When shopping for embroidered baseball caps, there are two common cap styles you'll encounter in the market.

Structured caps

adventure-capMost baseball caps are available in a structured 6-panel look, which features a stiff and more stable front. This means more room for your custom embroidery if you want a very large display of your logo. The stiffer crown offers extra stability for your logo design.

Take this Adventure Cap for example. Featuring a structured 6-panel look in a two-tone design, this promotional headwear boasts a sporty and stylish appeal your target market will quickly love. For decoration, this baseball cap is available for a crown embroidery in either a flat or 3D design.

Unstructured caps

unstructured-hbc-suede-peakIf you want a more casual or laidback appeal, unstructured baseball caps are an excellent choice. These types feature a floppy front, which is not as stiff as the structured ones but still great for logo embroidery.

For unstructured options, this HBC Suede Peak Cap is highly recommended. Offering the perfect blend of class and style, this baseball cap is just as sporty but with a classy twist. Pre-curved sueded peak with matching suede button will beautifully complement your logo embroidery.

Types of Embroidered Baseball Caps Fabric

Promotional baseball caps are further categorised according to fabric type. Here are some of the most popular options for Vivid Promotions:

Brushed Heavy Cotton Caps

brushed-heavy-cotton-capFor the perfect blend of quality and affordability, brushed heavy cotton caps are your best bet. This Brushed Heavy Cotton Cap with Red And White Stripe features a sandwich trim and peak and crown inserts for a more distinctive appeal. Top off the look with a large logo embroidery on the crown for maximum impact.

Eco-friendly Fabric Caps

eco-friendly embroidered baseball capsIf you want to promote an eco-friendly message and win over your eco-conscious audience, there are embroidered baseball caps that are made of eco-friendly fabric. This Organic Cotton Sandwich Cap is made of 100% organic cotton featuring a structured 6-panel design with pre-curved peak. Like other promotional caps, it offers a large branding area perfect for embroidery.

Mesh Caps

Want to make sure your customers wear your brand every day? Opt for promotional mesh caps for so your audience enjoys sun protection for their eyes while feeling comfortable all day.

baseball-cap-with-high-tech-meshThis Baseball Cap with High Tech Mesh, for example, features a blend of brushed chino twill and tech mesh material. Whether your customers are out for a run or a fun outdoor adventure, this ultra-breathable cap is what they'll grab first. Make sure your logo gets all the exposure with a bold logo embroidery on the crown.

Back Fastener Options for Baseball Caps

To ensure the perfect fit, the back fastener is one feature to look at when comparing embroidered baseball caps. Here are the two common types of back fastener options available.

Velcro back fasteners

promotional baseball caps - wave-capMost baseball caps feature Velcro back fasteners for a one-size-fits-all design that's easy to adjust to fit different sizes. This promotional Wave Cap with cross-over Velcro fastener is suitable for your male and female customers. Available for logo embroidery or a full-colour digital print, this promotional headwear is ideal for any sporting event.

Buckle and Brass

baseball-cap-buckleThe problem with Velcro fasteners, they weaken over time and with constant adjustments. In this case, you might want to consider buckle fasteners. Instead of Velcro, this HBC Brass Buckle Cap features a brass buckle and return back fastener. Adjusting the fit may not be as easy and convenient as Velcro fasteners but it's likely a more durable option in the long run.

Print Options for Baseball Caps

Your promotional baseball cap wouldn't do much unless your logo is clearly displayed for more people to see. For our selection of baseball caps, we generally offer three decoration types - embroidery, plastisol transfer print and full colour direct digital print.

Crown embroidery is a go-to option for most orders. You can choose between a flat and a 3D embroidery fully displayed front and centre for maximum visibility.

To start shopping for embroidered baseball caps, head over to Vivid Promotions.

5 Ts of Choosing the Perfect Promotional Giveaways


Whether you're planning a small promotional campaign or a massive sporting event of the year, promotional giveaways play a key role in promoting your brand, product or service.

Promotional products are available in a huge selection of categories. There are low cost and small items like imprinted keychains and other novelty items that are great for direct mail campaigns. There are also wearable items like promotional apparel, branded tumblers, custom printed bags and other similar items that are great for trade shows, conferences and product launches. Expensive giveaways such as watches and premium executive pens are also available for corporate events and award ceremonies.

How do you choose the perfect promotional giveaway for your campaign? Here are 5 Ts to help you sort out the numerous choices available in the market:


target-audienceAs much as you want to reach all types of customers, it's not just possible or practical. The truth is, your product or service is not always suited for everyone. When choosing the right promotional giveaways, you need a target audience in mind. You have to consider factors such as age, demographics, lifestyle, and hobbies among other things.

For example, if you're a sports brand aiming to reach as many sports fans as possible, you'll do well choosing sporty giveaways like custom promo caps. It also helps to consider promotional products related to your product or service. You'll also want to examine what kind of promotional giveaways your competitors offer.

Total Cost

Depending on your brand promotion goals and your target audience, you need to figure out a budget for this aspect of your business.

If your goal is to connect with high position executives from big brands, total advertising cost can be costly. You have to consider premium promotional products such as professional watches or high-end promotional pens to make a good impression. If you want to ensure superior brand presence at sporting or outdoor events, branded caps and hats are perfect.

Vivid Promotions has a huge collection of promo products to suit every budget. Contact us for more information.


To guarantee a successful promotion, timing matters too. When choosing ideal promotional giveaways for your target audience, you also need to consider the time of the year.

If you're hosting a campaign during the winter season, weather-appropriate promotional products such as beanies, knit caps, and sweaters are recommended. If you're planning a sporting event during the summer season, promotional headwear offers the perfect sun protection and a visible printing area for your logo decoration.


promotional apparelThere are many types of promotional products for every type of advertising campaign. But if your goal is long lasting promotional rewards, wearable giveaways are among the best types of promotional giveaways.

Personalised and embroidered caps, in particular, are top choices for many businesses because they are eye-catchy, sporty and trendy. But more importantly, promotional caps can be worn year-round and for a long time. With one embroidered baseball cap, you can reach hundreds or even thousands of potential customers.

Still not convinced? Here's why you should use promotional headwear for your advertising.


When considering promotional giveaways to invest in, it's also important to take into account current trends.

For example, if you're giving away custom printed caps for a sporting event, you need to give your customers something stylish, attractive and also trendy. That's one way to ensure that they'll be wearing your promotional gift all the time. Consequently, your brand gets more exposure making the most of your investment.

Ready to show off your brand outdoors with promotional headwear? Here are some of the most popular hats and trendy baseball caps you should check out:

6-Panel Camo Truckers Cap

6-panel-camo-truckers-cap-expressIf you want to give your brand a rugged, trendy look, this 6-Panel Camo Truckers Cap is just the promotional item you need. This sporty cap features a structured look with camo print on fabric and mesh. It's a quick stand out in any crowd. Just make sure your logo is beautifully embroidered on the crown for maximum exposure.

Hi Vis Cap With 3M Reflective Tape

hi-vis-cap-with-3m-reflective-tapePromotional safety caps employees use at job sites doesn't have to be boring. With this personalised Hi Vis Cap With 3M Reflective Tape, you get to promote your brand in style. The promotional cap features waterproof Oxford outer layer, 3M reflective tape and high visibility safety. It's great for daytime and nighttime use.

Madison Cheap Cap

madison-cheap-capThere's no need to break the budget to guarantee promotional success. With this Madison Cheap Cap, your brand can enjoy extra brand exposure outdoors at an affordable cost. The structured 6-panel cap is available in a variety of trendy colours, which can be complemented with an attractive embroidery decoration.

Helix Microfleece Skull-Cap

helix-microfleece-skull-capFor winter season promotions, you can't go wrong with this custom printed Helix Microfleece Skull-Cap. Lightweight, windproof and customisable, this promotional beanie will quickly warm up with your target market. It is available for a classy embroidery logo decoration to match the cap's classic look.

Executive Striped Cap

promotional giveaways - executive capWith the right branded cap, you can easily win over executives and inspire brand loyalty. This professional and trendy Executive Striped Cap, for example, is perfect for corporate outdoor events. Featuring a structured design with printed lines over the entire fabric, this branded cap will look even better with your logo delicately embroidered in place.


For affordable promotional giveaways, go to Vivid Promotions.

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